How to Download

So it seems like users are having problems like how to download the files. I’ll guide you step by step on the downloading procedure without wasting anytime.

First thing is we use a site for displaying links are a text i.e spaste. Users have to manually unlock the link by solving a visual challenge as shown in figure. After unlocking content just get the short url ( and click on it.


Secondly we a url shrinking service i.e to shorten the url. You have to verify that you are a human (not a bot who is overloading the servers or stealing our links) . It will then redirect you to the download page i.e



Now is the part where you can select your favourite filehost for downloading the files. We have 16 mirrors so that means the files are kept at 16 places in case one fileserver goes down. Choose from the list as it is the fastest mirror and the one we recommend (see cursor) .




. Why do you use linkshrink ?

We use linkshrink to cope up with our servers/seedbox costs. If enough users are using our site we won’t have to put ads on this site ever.

. Why do you use spaste ?

Spaste is used a protective measure to prevent our links from leechers. A lot of other blogs authors just copy paste the links that we have uploaded and then earn money from it. We just don’t want that. They will still be able to copy paste the links but atleast they will have to do some efforts.

. I love your work , can i donate ?

Of course you can donate, only bitcoins are accepted for obvious reasons. Even if you can’t donate and want to help us financially, just unlocking the download links (after bypassing linkshrink) will help us significantly . Doing that even if you aren’t downloading anything will help us to keep doing the good work.

Sharing this site on social media will bring even more exposure , so like minded people like you who can’t buy or just want to try before buying these games can enjoy


Thats all folks. Keep Gaming !!!!