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Hammerwatch linux free download – Hammerwatch is a fast-paced hack and slash adventure game, inspired by classic titles of the genre. In the old, mysterious, and not-so-abandoned Castle Hammerwatch a group of heroes must fight their way up through the floors to the very top of the castle, where an ancient dragon awaits them. Not only must they kill the beast, but also get back out in one piece!

Bring back your button-mashing hack and slash skills and fight thousands of monsters while avoiding traps, findng secrets and increasing your skills on the way up. Do it yourself or bring three friends for some great fast co-op action! Feel free to launch the editor and build your own adventure with your own graphics, or try out someone else’s custom level!

Multiplayer notice –

  • 4 different classes, with unique features and skills.
  • Multiplayer COOP, online, LAN and local.
  • Mod and editing support.

Many games that try to bring back “old school ways of arcade days” tend to go over the top when it comes to difficulty, but Hammerwatch is quite balanced when it comes to this. You get a lot of options regarding difficulty, including infinite lives and regenerating health. All in all, Hammerwatch gives a good balance when it comes to combining new and old. The level design might be very 2D and very pixelated (which will makes the creation of your own levels rather easy, I believe) but the soundtrack is modern. And by modern I mean orchestral sounding, rather than MIDI-y or chiptune-y. The soundtrack is not modern in the sense that it goes for “atmospheric wind sounds” rather than actual, hummable music, though.

Game INFO –

  • Publisher: Crackshell
  • Used libraries: Mono
  • Multiplayer: Internet
  • Architecture: x86, amd64
  • Version: 1.3.2 GOG-7
  • License: Proprietary
  • Language: English only


Extra information: 

The distribution includes wallpapers and soundtrack in FLAC.


How to install:

Start gog_hammerwatch_2.1.0.7.sh, make it executable, run it and play 


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