Europa Universalis IV + All DLC [Linux]

Year: 2013
Genre: Global Strategy
Developer: Paradox Development Studio
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Used libraries: Native
Architecture: x86
Version: (f236)
Language: English, German, French, Spanish

System requirements:

OS: other Linux x86, x86_64
Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor (2GHz or better)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 6750 / NVIDIA GeForce 320 / NVIDIA GeForce 9600 or higher, 1024MB graphics memory required
Hard Drive: 2 GB HD space
Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection
Additional: GLSL 1.3, OpenGL 2.1. Controller support: 3-button mouse, keyboard and speakers. Internet Connection or LAN for multiplayer


The most recent and thoughtful child (at the moment) studio Paradox Interactive!
Immerse yourself in the world of expansion, war, colonialism, diplomacy, intrigue, development of a global strategy / simulator ruler / paradoksostrategii – Europa Universalis IV.

Only to you (and your neighbors’ appetites) it depends on how far you can make absolutely any state (or even create your own) in the period from 1444 until 1821. Will your army to grind weaker states in a series of victorious wars? Does your family take the thrones of other states, spravdlivo judging that the pen is mightier than the sword? Will the world’s wealth to bring your country sky-high revenues due to the trading network, enveloped the whole world? Or maybe you people will go overseas, to develop and attach new lands for the good of your crown? All this is possible in this game, and even more.

Extras. information:

Main DLC:
Conquest of Paradise
Wealth of Nations
Art of War
El Dorado
Common Sense
The Cossacks
Mare Nostrum

Additional DLC’s –

American Dream
Forts Pack
Muslim Advisor Portraits
National Monuments
National Monuments II
Purple Phoenix
Star and Crescent
Conquest of Constantinople Music Pack
Guns, Drums and Steel
Guns, Drums and Steel volume 2
Kairi’s Soundtrack
Kairis Soundtrack Part 2
Republican Music
Sabaton Soundtrack
Songs of Exploration
Songs of War
Songs of Yuletide
Songs of the New World
100 Years War Unit Pack
Black Sea Unit Pack
Buddhists Unit Pack
Catholic League Unit Pack
Catholic Majors Unit Pack
Colonial British and French Unit Pack
Conquistadors Unit Pack
East African Unit Pack
European Cavalry Unit Pack
Evangelical Union Unit Pack
Free Cities Unit Pack
Great Hordes Unit Pack
Great Nations Unit Pack
Horsemen of the Crescent Unit Pack
Indian Ships Unit Pack
Indian Subcontinent Unit Pack
Italian Unit Pack
Mesoamerican Unit Pack
Muslim Ships Unit Pack
Native Americans Unit Pack
Native Americans II Unit Pack
North African Unit Pack
South American Unit Pack
Theocracies Unit Pack
Trade Nations Unit Pack
Winged Hussars Unit Pack

How to install:
1. Unpack
2. Run the game using
3. Play!




12 thoughts on “Europa Universalis IV + All DLC [Linux]

  1. Hello!
    Just a some little questions, can I play online with other people? Like via hamachi and stuff?, Can I do it with Stellaris?
    Thanks in advance and what a wonderfull page, finally I got this game + dlcs without needing Wine?

  2. Hi
    I really appreciate the work that you ve done.
    Just one thing…. Could you pleas upload the latest version of the game with both res publica and Right of Men?
    It would be much appreciated

  3. I have a problem. appears this
    ./eu4: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    help me please

  4. Hi, thanks for the game. However , i cant install it. wont work.. any help would be appreciated !

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