Magicite Linux Free Download

Magicite Linux Free Download

Magicite linux is a research, craft and survival multiplayer RPG platformer with permanent death! Magicite has many features-roguelike games, randomly generated each dungeon, which you will visit with friends.To assemble the resources needed to survive in such a harsh underground world, you have to cut down trees, mine ore, hunt animals.The game has a bunch of stats, Traits characters, companions classes.Each passage will be unique and not similar to others.And get ready … to die many times.

Features –

  1. Randomly generated dungeons.The new dungeon every game.Expect heaps of trees that can be cut down, ores that can be mined, plant, from which you can harvest and beetles, which can be caught (note per word game beetles -.. Bugs, bugs)!Oh, and huge monsters!
  2. Permanent death.But the game records all your stats during the passage to open achivok and improvements.
  3. The crafting system. Combine any two of the object to create a new one!For example, wood + wood = board. Tons of combinations that wait until you uncover them.
  4. The combat system.If you’re going just to escape a sword, you will soon die.Find the time crafted useful objects, examine the position of the enemies before you commit to timely attack.
  5. Unlockable races, hats and companions.The more you play, the more chance to open a new chic hat with a variety of special effects.Race and companions also openable, they have a different starting stats and inventory.
  6. Multiplayer.Friend is known in trouble.Do you want to check? This game is perfect for this! Permanent death is only valid if the whole party were killed. Therefore, if your friend was stunned, probably rush to his aid. Or take your time …

Release info –

  • Production Year: 2014
  • Genre: Action RPG, platformer
  • Developer: SmashGames
  • Publisher: Steam
  • Used libraries: Unity3D (version 4.5.5f1)
  • Multiplayer: Internet, local area network
  • Architecture: x86, amd64
  • Version: 1.6
  • License: Proprietary
  • Language: English only

System requirements:

  • Processor: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk: 450 MB free space
  • Connecting to the network: the Internet or local network, if you need a coop

Install info –

  • Unpack
  • play

Note –  Multiplayer works by default,  one ip should host the server while others connect to it.

Magicite Linux video review –





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  1. Great initiative to promote gaming in linux. Finally some one start to do it. Btw if you permit me a request, Terraria and Crea would be very nice games to have here. Thanks for sharing and keep the nice work.

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